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Tourist Spots

Gateway of India - This majestic arch on the shore of Mumbai harbour commemorates the visit of King George V in 1911. It was designed by George Wittet to symbolize the enduring nature of British rule. It is made of Indo-Islamic style with honey-coloured basalt. Behind the gateway there is a beautiful statue of the Maratha leader Shivaji, astride his horse, erected in 1960.

Flora Fountain / Hutatma Chowk - This fountain, named after the Roman Goddess of Abundance, stands at the intersection of some of Mumbai's most important through fares, on the site of the former church gate entrance to the British fort. It was erected in 1869 in honour of Sir Bartle Frere, the governor of Bombay responsible for dismantling the fort and shaping much of modern Mumbai. The white washed goddess shares the place with a monument honoring the martyrs who died fighting for the cause of Maharashtra. The buildings lining this road are magnificent pieces of architecture from the British colonial times. Marine Drive - Popularly known as Queen's Necklace. This is one of Mumbai's most popular promenades and sunset-watching spots. Build on land reclaimed from Back Bay in the 1920s, the marine drive starts from below the hanging gardens on Malabar Hill, runs along the Arabian Sea and ends at Nariman point. In the night, the colourful line of lights makes a picturesque view.

Haji Ali Mosque - This whitewashed fairytale mosque contains the tomb of the Muslim saint Haji Ali. The saint is believed to have been a wealthy local businessman who renounced the material world and meditated on a nearby headland following a pilgrimage to Mecca. The mosque and tomb were built by devotees in the early 19th century. Alternative versions say Haji Ali died while on a pilgrimage to Mecca and his casket amazingly floated back to Bombay and landed at this spot. The mosque can only be reached at low tide.

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